Green Ball (11-13 years old)

Green Ball clinics are designed for players who want to continue to improve their tennis skills, or older players just starting out in the game. Contact point, proper technique, shot consistency, game rules and scoring are worked on through both fed and live-ball drills. Players should be able to control at least a 25″ racket and have the ability to function within appropriate age group setting.

Class TitleSession
TuesdayGreen Ball5:00-6:30PM1.5 HoursTracy
ThursdayGreen Ball4:00-5:30PM1.5 HoursTracy
SessionDurationWeeksRateDrop-in Rate
Session 109/13-10/24/20216$228$50
Session 210/25-12/19/20217$266$50
Session 301/03-02/13/20226$228$50
Session 402/14-04/03/20226$228$50
Session 504/04-05/29/20227$266$50

There will be no classes 11/22-11/28, 02/21-02/27, 04/18-04/24 and 05/27-05/29. Fri – Sun classes run through 06/05.

To sign up or for more info, please email us at