10-U & 12-U Advanced Tennis (8-12 years old)

10U Advanced Tennis

Advanced 10U program is meant for those students who are looking for a more intensive opportunity to advance their game. The clinics will focus heavily on stroke development, as well as match play tactics. We envision this course as a “bridge” into our Apex Tennis Academy and 12u advanced program, which is composed of competitive tennis players with tournament ambition. Players are strongly encouraged to include 2days/week and Match play in their schedule. Instructor approval required.

12U Advanced Tennis

Our advanced 12U program is designed for the competitive student seeking the opportunity to advance their game to the next level. The clinics will focus heavily on building an athlete, stroke development, and match play tactics. Participating students are encouraged to play competitively in match-play in addition to regular practice. This is our youngest class that uses regular yellow balls in the sessions. Instructor approval required.

(1 day/wk)
(2 days/wk)
(3 days/wk)
(drop in)
Session 109/16-10/276$210$410$610$45
Session 210/28-12/227$245$480$710$45
Session 301/06-02/166$210$410$610$45
Session 402/24-04/046$210$410$610$45
Session 504/06-05/226$210$410$610$45
Session 605/26-06/224$140$270$400$45

There will be no classes 11/25-12/01, 04/20-04/26, and 05/25.

Class TitleSession
Tuesday12u Advanced5:00-6:30PM90 minMike
Wednesday10u 3 Advanced4:00-5:30PM90 minKelly
Friday10u 3 Advanced4:30-6:00PM90 minKelly
Friday12u Advanced4:30-6:00PM90 minMike, Kelly, John
Friday10u Game Day6:00-7:00PM60 minKelly$10/session
Saturday10u Game Day10:00-11:00AM60 minKelly$10/session
Saturday10u 3 Advanced11:00AM-12:30PM90 minKelly
Saturday12u Advanced11:00AM-12:30PM90 minMike, Kelly, Kyle

To sign up or for more info, please email us at juniortennis@apexracketandfitness.com