Book a Court Online

Welcome to booking a tennis court/ wallyball/racquetball/ squash/ virtual golf room online. Through this link you will be able to book in real-time a reservation.

In order to use the Reservation System you will need to contact our desk staff to get your basic information into our club software once this step is completed you can enroll in our booking software

We require at least a 24 hour notice to cancel the reservation or you will be charged for the court or room.

You will need to access the online portal before you downloading the Apex App from the App Store

Our front desk will need to make sure your User ID is correct before logging into the system for the first time- this is important.  Your User ID will be your email address.  Only one email address can be associated with one account.   Through the online portal you will be able to sign up for Apex programs, Apex classes and see the court/ room reservations and many other functions.  This will be your best avenue to reserving your times.  (please note if you are trying to get a golf room reservation its found under “Facility Schedule” under the Reservation tab.

To have access to the booking software you can do this two ways.  Through the online portal and the second is through the App found on the App Store.  You will also need to enroll as a member in order to reserve a court/ room online- this is free.  This can be done at the Club front desk by completing signed waiver document and putting a credit card on file.  You will need an active email address.  If you have visited Apex before you have likely have a profile.

To sign up for a court click on the link above and you will be connected to the reservation system. At the top right of the landing page you will need to put in our email address of record at the club as well as your password.  The club reserves the right to move you to another court/ room if necessary.  Simply select the time by clicking on the time slot. The courts can only be booked in 30/ 60/ 90/ 120 minute allocations so you will need to change the allocation to the time you want to play. (Example: If you want to book a room or court for 90 minutes, use the drop down menu to accomplish this).

Virtual Golf please note that the “facility schedule” option is the virtual golf room.

When booking Racquetball or Wallyball the room rate will revert to the Wallyball rate, please alert the front desk if you are playing Racquetball or Squash the room rate will be adjusted.