Winter Storm / Make-up Policy

The City of Portland is requiring fitness centers and gyms to close due to the virus.  We will follow what the city directs us to do.  We are required to close from 3/17 to 3/21.  At which time we will take direction from the City of Portland.  Look to our Facebook Page for important updates.

As the weather gets colder, winter storms may affect the club hours. To find out if the club is closed or closing early check this page, our Facebook page or call us at 207 775 6128.  In many cases we follow what the Maine Mall does for opening and closings due to the poor weather.  Should we not be open our Tennis Contract holders will be allocated a make-up dates at the end of the Contract season.

Make-up policy: Students who miss clinics for medial emergencies or serious injury will be granted make-up credits for future clinics, Apex holiday camps, summer camps, or Friday match play. A doctors note maybe required.

Students who miss clinics due to other activities may not be granted a make-up. Each student clinic has a limited number of spots based on instructor-to-student ratios to ensure quality training.  Approvals for class make-ups must be approved prior to the start of the class session and approvals must be provided by the Director of Academy to ensure there is space to accommodate a change.  No in-session waivers will be granted.  For snow days and other clinics, which are cancelled by the club, students will be granted a credit for the following session or toward one of the Apex tennis camps, holiday camps or for match play.