Teen Tennis (12-18 years old)

Our Middle School and High School Training program:

Class TitleSession
MondayMS/HS Training4:00-5:30PM1.5 HoursTracy
TuesdayHS Training3:30-5:00PM1.5 HoursTracy
WednesdayHS Beginners4:00-5:30PM1.5 HoursTBA
WednesdayMS/HS Training4:00-5:30PM1.5 HoursTracy
FridayHS Training3:30-5:00PM1.5 HoursTracy
SaturdayMS/HS Training11:30AM-1:00PM1.5 HoursTodd
SessionDurationWeeksRateDrop-in Rate
Session 19/11 - 10/22/20236$228$50
Session 210/23 - 12/17/20237$280$55
Session 31/8 - 2/18/20246$240$55
Session 42/26 - 4/7/20246$240$55
Session 54/8 - 5/27/20246$240$55

*Please note, drop ins can only be accommodated if a class is not sold out!
* HS Training and HS Beginners are not offered Session #5 as most players are playing for their respective school teams.
There will be no classes 11/20-11/26, 2023 and 4/15 – 4/21/2024.

MS/HS Training
Ages: 12 – 16 years old

Our Middle School / High School Practice program is designed for those students that have a basic knowledge of the game, but lack the consistency to play at the varsity level!   Students will focus on groundstroke consistency, basics of serving, volleying and point play with an emphasis on doubles strategy. Players should be able to move to and return a yellow (real) ball, and be using basic groundstroke technique.

High School Beginners
Ages: 14 – 18 years old

This program is designed for high school players just starting out in tennis. Players will be introduced to all of the strokes in tennis, work on making clean contact and rally skills.

High School Training
Ages: 14 – 18 years old

This program is designed for those students who plan to play on their Varsity High School team and want to improve their tennis game for the next season. It focuses on singles and doubles strategy with an emphasis on patience, consistency, and intelligent play.   Players should be able to serve with consistency, maintain at least a 10 ball rally with a yellow (real) ball, keep score, and be comfortable competing.

To sign up or for more info, please email us at juniors@apexrfc.com