Racket Stringing and Customization

Racket Stringing, Repairs and Racket Customization Services

Apex Racket and Fitness has been stringing rackets for more than 40 years. Our Certified Team of Racket Stringers can assist you with any questions.

Our professional staff can turn around a racket in 48 hours, or less, if requested.

Cost: $35 – $75, dependent upon type of strings purchased or if you bring your own string.  We carry in-stock 10 different types of strings.

One of our most popular strings is synthetic gut at a cost of $35 per racket.

Our professional tennis stringers can also re-grip tennis rackets and replace grommets on rackets, should one of them break. This is all done in-house.


We also provide Racket Balancing and Customization services.

Racket Tuning (weight, balance, swing weight)
Racket Matching (insure that multiple rackets march in specs)
Grip Enlargement
Grip Reduction
Grommet and Bumper Replacement
Endcap Replacement/ Changing
$60.00 per racket balancing with one free adjustment if needed.  Each additional adjustment is $15.00.

For questions regarding racket stringing and Customization, please contact Gavin Glider!

Experience counts.